Our Story

Based in Toronto, Canada, Bug Eye Original started with an idea of how to carry clothes in a backpack. After years of biking to work, I was tired of wrinkled clothes at the bottom of my backpack, and awkwardly accessing them when trying to change.  The Fly Commute Pack was hatched to address these issues.  Our core commitment is to quality, and functional design.  Live free and cycle my friends!
Mike Turnbull

The Process

What started as a few sketches, quickly turned into detailed drawings and prototypes. We worked with a great pack designer for prototyping in Ostrom Outdoors, who specialized in rugged backcountry camping packs. This ensured a quality build and great ergonomics in the pack. The materials are all high quality nylons, (500D exterior, 200D interior), and YKK zippers, with the exterior zippers being waterproof. High visibility pull tabs, 1" reticulating foam on the back, and high capacity straps round it out. We went through 5 prototypes to reach perfection in The Fly Commute Pack. Enjoy!